World Championships ;  Click Youth 19 WC 2018 from top menu.

2018 Champions; Russia. Congratulations.

50-400 spectators at Marienlyst, on each match.

Thank you every team, players, leaders, referees and officials. And thank you all supporters, for coming to Drammen.


Thank you Drammen Bandy for excellent organising.

Very good conditions in this Champonships.


All results and LIVE at :




Til mesterskapet kommer nok noen, som vanlig er. For å skrive, fotografere, filme og formidle, fra kamper og annet.

Vi lager ikke noe stort apparat for Presse og Media i Drammen, men undertegnede er presse-kontakt, og vi vil gjøre vårt ytterste for å skape gode arbeidsforhold for alle som ønsker å formidle fra mesterskapet.

Vi skal selv Live-rapportere i skrivende form, på nettet, og vi skal sørge for lagoppstillinger og resultatservise før, under, og etter samtlige matcher.

Vi skal dessuten resultatrapportere etter samtlige kamper til bl.a. NTB.

Vi sørger for plass for skrivende presse, innendørs med strøm- og internettilgang, til de som har forhåndsmeldt sin ankomst.

Vær snill å meld din ankomst til oss:

Press & Media:
Will you attend to Drammen...?
Please let us know.

Rune Jahnsen.
Cell Phone: +47 90 19 24 84

Match Schedule from NBF/FIB are released.;

Drammen Bandy, a small bandy-club, are doing the local match organazing.
And we are proud to be hosting international Youth Bandy again in the city of Drammen.
Hopefully you will all attend to this beautiful city, knowing a bit more about whats going on.
We want these young bandy players to remember their visit to Drammen, with as much positive experience as posible.

Thursday of January, and througout the weekend until Sunday, we would like all young players, team leaders, referees, officials, visitors and bandyfans, to participate in making this city even better. By together making extremely good bandy events at Marienlyst Arena, and in Mjøndalen.

One of the Semifinals will take place at Vassenga Arena in Mjøndalen. 13 km upnorth from Marienlyst. If Team Norway will qualify for the Semifinal, then they will play it in Mjøndalen.

It can be windy. It can be snow.
But mostly at this time of the year, we have nice and sunny winter weather.
Marienlyst artificial ice arena, has nothing but very good ice conditions. Always.

Any questions so far...?

On Sunday of January, either Russia, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine or Norway, will be titeled
"World Champions Youth 19" for 2018. We are looking forward to do the announsement..

Welcome to Drammen in January.

These sites will be kept simple, but updated, as soon as posible.
More instantly information, on our Facebook sites to be created soon.

These links below, are from previous championships in Drammen.

And at our LIVE-reports from each match.

Tickets and Enterance fee at matches

100,- NOK - One Match Ticket

Forskjellige billetter til hver og en av de 14 matchene. Det koster altså 100 kroner pr match om du kjøper denne billett-typen.

300,- NOK - One Day Ticket

Dagsbillett gjelder for alle kampene på en dag.

500,- NOK - All In Ticket

Alle 14 matchene i hele turneringen.

All under 19 years old:
FREE enterance all matches. 

All 19 and older; Tickets as listed

General time schedule in Drammen.

Important Notice.;

Thursday 25.1. at 20:30

All Leaders Meeting at Hotel.

All nations repr. leaders, FIB, NBF, Drammen Bandy and others.
All important info will be shared.

Saturday 27.1. at 20:30

Common Meal at Hotel.

All players, leaders, referees, FIB, NBF, Drammen Bandy, and invited Guests of Honor,

Welcome to Marienlyst Arena in Drammen. Photo: Terje Vaeng

Mr. Iceman's Garage

In "Iceman's Garage", you can find a lot of knowledgement, and a lot of souvernirs. These silver plates, are handed to Mr. Iceman and his Crew, from Norwegian Federation, for excellent ice conditions, during previous championships in Drammen.

- 2005 Youth17 Worlds Championships
- 2006 Youth19 Worlds Championships
- 2007 Youth19 Nordic Championships
- 2010 Womens World Champiuonships
- 2014 Youth17 Nordic Championships

Hopefully they can soon ad one more souvernir to the wall ..


30.01.2018 11:33

Johnny og Karin Strømdahl

Tirsdag30.1.18 kl 12.30
Savner en glad rapport fra U19s VM i Drammen i helga. Guttas bronsebragd,

30.01.2018 12:50

Rune Jahnsen

Vi nøyde oss med å Live-rapportere alle matcher på .
Men jeg er jo helt enig med Dere.
NBF bør jo definitivt omtale den bragden.
Tror dessuten hadde en bra sak.